Danisa Chocolate Filled Cookies, The Delicious Cookies for Family

Danisa chocolate filled cookies

Danisa Chocolate Filled Cookies

Danisa chocolate filled cookies is delicious cookie made from the best quality ingredients using authentic Danish recipes. Danisa chocolate filled cookies is crispy and sweet cookies made from delicious butter

Danisa Chocolate Filled Cookies
Danisa Chocolate Filled Cookies

This cookie is suitable to be enjoyed in the morning, afternoon or evening. Danisa chocolate filled cookies can be a food of choice for families.

Um, speaking of cakes, here I share tips on how to bake.

7 Tips for Making the Perfect Cookies

  1. The process of shaking butter and sugar
    Beat butter and sugar until pale white. To get the best results, you should shake it with a mixer.
  2. Use cold butter
    Before you shake it, butter doesn’t need to be melted down so the cake becomes crispy.
  3. The standard temperature is 150-170 degrees Celsius
    In making pastries generally use temperatures of 150-170 degrees Celsius. For cookies with a thickness of 1-2 centimeters, this temperature is ideal.
  4. Always sift the flour
    Flour should be sifted first. This is to make sure the flour used is smooth so that the resulting cake is crisp but melted in the mouth.
  5. Do not store cookies in the refrigerator
    Finished cookies must be stored in an airtight jar, if necessary add silica gel.
  6. Apply egg yolks after roasting half cooked
    Bake the cookies until they are half cooked, then remove them from the oven and spread the egg yolks on top and then roast again.
  7. Don’t shake too long
    Don’t over shake it. If the dough is shaken too long then the cookies won’t be crispy.

Danisa Chocolate Filled Cookies

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