Here are 4 Amazing Benefits of Using Nivea Micellar Water Oil Control

Here are 4 Amazing Benefits of Using Nivea Micellar Water Oil Control

Here are 4 Amazing Benefits of Using Nivea Micellar Water Oil Control

The longer covered with make up makes the skin unable to breathe properly, the result is certainly very dangerous, because it can cause several problems to arise, such as acne and blackheads. For that, let the skin breathe, how to check here “Give a chance skin breathing” healthy skin starts from the right treatment.

Some people may not know that the skin of men and women is different, especially in the face, where women’s skin is much thinner, so the risk of problems is also higher. For this reason, care must also be more active. In fact, not infrequently, some of them do the double cleansing method to cleanse more optimally. It’s just that some people didn’t have time to do that because they were busy. So you have to find a practical cleanser to clean the make up or dust that sticks to the skin.

The solution is to use the latest Nivea product, the micellar water oil control, this is a product issued by Nivea to clean facial skin practically, has many benefits, including:

  1. Can lift good dirt from the rest of the make up and dust that sticks to the skin of the face like a magnet. So that with just one swipe, the parts that are covered by make-up will be immediately clean optimally.
  2. Softens the skin, with the capric glycerides contained in the micellar water that is able to make the skin feel softer after cleaning, although it can increase the residual oil, especially on oily skin types, but it will not give a dry to rough effect, but still moist and soft.
  3. Can maintain facial skin moisture.
  4. Can lift regular make up, or water proof, so no need to use two types of cleansers at once.

The advantages offered by this Nivea facial cleansing product, especially the practical form, only disposable, ie by pouring on the surface of the cotton and rubbing it on the part of the face that you want to clean.

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