3+ Tips for Choosing the Right Helmet

Tips for Choosing the Right Helmet

Helmets are instruments that must be owned by a motorcycle rider. Not only for riders, cyclists must also wear a helmet on the road.

Now using helmets has become part of the modes of motorcyclists. it’s not only to fulfill and avoid penalties while driving.

But not only from the style that must be considered in choosing a helmet. There are other things that must be considered as well to keep it safe and comfortable when used for driving. Check out the following review about motorcycle helmets:

1. Choose National Standard Helmet

One of the conditions to avoid being ticketed by the police when riding a motorcycle is to use a helmet. But also pay attention to the helmet. Helmets that are standard in accordance with government regulations are helmets that have the National Standard label.

Besides that, there are also helmets labeled DOT (Department of Transportation) which are standard labels used abroad, the United States. This label is on some foreign production helmets. So, don’t forget to check the label on the helmet before buying.

2. Choose Helmets according to Head Size

In addition to the label, things that must be considered when choosing a helmet is the size. Adjust the size of the helmet to the size of your head. Do not get too small or too big.

Because this will reduce the comfort when driving using a helmet. If you are not comfortable using a helmet, your concentration will be disturbed and this is dangerous for the safety of the rider.

On the market there are several sizes of helmets to choose from. Like the size of the shirt, the size of the helmet starts from S, M, L, and XL. Try to try the helmet first before buying when in the shop. Don’t be afraid, because this is very natural when buying a helmet.

3. Adjust to the needs

Generally, there are two types of helmets on the market, namely full face helmets and half face helmets. Before buying a helmet, first determine the type of helmet in accordance with needs.

Full face helmet suitable for long trips and touring. In addition, this type of helmet is suitable to be paired with a 150cc sport motorbike and trail bike.

For those of you who do daily activities in the city. For example, only used for home-office or home-campus, choose the type of half face helmet.

This is because this type of helmet is easier to open the glass lid. The design is also simple. This type of helmet is suitable for all types of motorcycle matic and duck.

4. Choose a Helmet with a Strap

Besides the size of the helmet, the comfort level of the helmet is also influenced by the strap or strap on the helmet. Look for helmet straps that are not too suffocating and loose. In helmets that have DOT strap leeway can be arranged.

In addition, also choose a helmet that has a hook on a strong strap. The goal, so that the strap is not easily broken or damaged. This has an effect on safety when wearing a helmet.

5. Choose a Helmet That Has Extra Protection

In some helmet brands that already have names, there is extra protection tucked in. One of them is a padlock or helmet safety rope. These tools are useful for maintaining helmet safety during parking. You can tie a helmet on a motorcycle so that undesirable things don’t happen.

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After getting a helmet that suits your needs, the existing regulatory standards, and comfortable use, does not mean you can be sure to stay safe while driving. Security is certainly in your own hands, so drive carefully starting from no speeding or recklessness to obeying traffic signs.

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